Renée Rauchalles
Renée Rauchalles
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A house is usually a house, in which we live, work or go about our daily chores. Building and renovating must be done, always and everywhere, sometimes more or less user-friendly. And what about the construction or expansion of our own physical homestead? One who knew very well the need for a well-functioning homestead, was Rainer Maria Rilke . He worked - „stone by stone and little by little“ - on his psyche and physique. But how quickly can such a laboriously built „abode“ collapse or become the abode of another. Time and time again it must be taken care of, must be maintained or renewed, so that light falls into dark rooms.

The work of the artist Renée Rauchalles is all about these inner rooms, about the need to create her own inner worlds, to make them habitable and keep them in a healthy state. Her lyrical-abstract sound patterns symbolize movement by constant internal and external changes so that they can mutually penetrate each other interdependently. They symbolize the flow starting from silence and going beyond all borders of a universe within; the „letting-go“ and blending into the vibrations far beyond the so-called real world, to dream the dream of the liberation from the compulsive prison of our minds and vulnerable body which enable us to exude and vibrate in bright intense colors to the outside. For vibration, in and outside of our body, always means: healing.Speaking of light: Some of these picture motifs are available as wall lights now and will contribute to your exterior epiphany:

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