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Renée Rauchalles
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Photo: Ralf Wilschewski
Ralf Wilschewski
Painting: Bele Bachem
Bele Bachem
1916 - 2005
Watercolor: Rinaldo Hopf
Rinaldo Hopf


Renée Rauchalles lives and works in her hometown of Munich (Germany). She studied at the Master-School-for-Graphics in Munich and graduated with a Master Degree. While still a student, she founded the Gallery-for-the-Evening (Galerie am Abend) in Munich, together with journalist Gerd Hedler. She was active in book and magazine illustration, design, art and film posters, advertising graphics and layout.

She also completed a singing and acting training. Since 1987, after a few years of active work in the theatre, she has devoted herself entirely to painting. In February 1998, she founded the ZEITfürKUNST-GALERIE, where she delivers an ongoing series of literary lectures. Newspaper, magazine, journal and anthology publications. In 2001, she created the book "The Art of Dying" ("Die Kunst des Sterbens") – in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sill, published by Pustet Verlag. In 2011 she published her book
"I dreamt of my mother again" (“Mir träumte meine Mutter wieder”)
– publisher Konkursbuch Verlag. In this book both female and male authors give insight into their former and current 'inner images' and pictures of their mothers. Since 2012 editor of the cultural magazine  "Literature in Bavaria" (Literatur in Bayern), Ed: Dr. Gerd Holzheimer.

She is a member of Verdi, at the Kunstverein Ebersberg, in Arbeitskreis68 (Wasserburg), Kunstverein Bad Tölz and founding member, founded in 1995 in Bonn fantastic center, whose honorary member, inter alia, is Prof. Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015). 1996 Admission to the gallery WDR, 2001 in the gallery of home arthaus Innsbruck. 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011 participation by invitation to the Florence Biennale, 2012 to the Bienniale Merida / Mexico, 2017 Biennale Barcelona, 2009 and 2016 parti-   cipation Carrousel du Louvre Paris, 2018 participation Red Dot Art Basel Miami, 2019 participation Los Angeles Art Show.

Individual and group exhibitions in Munich, Hamburg, Essen, Kassel, Bonn, Schweinfurt, Hof, Traun-
stein, Bad Tölz, Ebersberg, Wasserburg, Neumarkt St. Veit, Passau, Monschau, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Graz, Verona, Paris, London, Toronto and Minsk.

Works by Renée Rauchalles are in private and corporate ownership. Prints are distributed on an interna-
tional scale.
Some of their abstract works are also available as wall lights.

Interview with Renée Rauchalles (Text in German)